Hadrian's Balm

Skincare For Friends, Romans & Countrymen. Since 2000 A.D.

Made on Hadrian's Wall to a family recipe, which is based on natural ingredients (i.e. free of all the nasty stuff!). This Balm has been used by many sufferers of painful skin splits, with excellent results.


The small pot is perfect for carrying in a pocket so that it is always ready for frequent use. While it is particularly effective for the treatment of fingertip splits, it can help skin abrasions and minor cuts and scratches.  This easy to use remedy offers respite to walkers, farmers, fishermen, craftsmen & gardeners .


So how does it work?


The action of Hadrians Balm is two-fold. The base mixture of extra-virgin olive oil together with beeswax acts to soften the skin surface of the affected area. The active ingredient of Hadrian’s Balm – benzoin tincture – contains natural ingedients including Aloes which have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which soothe and moisturise skin.




It's all about application...


The method of application is very important. The Balm is applied sparingly and frequently using a finger tip and is rubbed gently into the split and the surrounding area until the desired result is achieved. For maximum effectiveness it is recommended that the Balm is applied last thing at night and before the start of manual work. If the split becomes sensitive during work then a quick refresher smear can be applied – provided you have the pot of Balm in your pocket! The healing process will vary in duration with each individual and their working conditions, but significant improvement is usually noticed within a week or so.





Hadrian's Balm (5 x 5ml)

Handy Pots of Healing Balm (5ml)


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"It is one of the most effective products I have ever used. I am a keen gardener and in the Winter I sometimes get splits on my fingers from the cold weather. Hadrian's Balm clears them up within a day or so - it actually does what it says it does! "


Kim, Victoria, Australia





"after periods gardening, I found the tips of my fingers becoming cracked and sore, especially in colder weather. I had tried different products to alleviate the problem but Hadrian's Balm was the first to be completely effective."


Bryan, Bolton (UK)

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